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CASSEN Christophe

Research assistant/coordinator

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Tel: +331 43 94 73 62


Campus du Jardin Tropical

45bis, av de la Belle Gabrielle

94736 Nogent sur Marne Cédex


Research activities, support to the scientific coordination of modeling activities, elaboration and supervision of research projects, interface with management direction, coordination of long term modeling chair for sustainable development with CMA (Mines Paristech), Low Carbon Society Research network (LCS-R net) du réseau LCS-R net, strategic monitoring

Research activities

Climate governance : Institutional analysis of climate negotiations, path dependencies within the climate regime

E3 models: Analysis of Integrated Assessment modeling communities, (IPCC group III) and interactions with climate negotiations.

Teaching and seminars

- Athens week module "climate change" at AgroParisTech Engref since 2009

link toward presentations

- Energy Economy module at l’ENSTA (2A) since 2013

Coordination CIRED seminar 2010-2013



Cointe, B., Cassen, Ch., Nadai, A., Organizing policy-relevant knowledge for climate action: Integrated Assessment Modelling, the IPCC, and the emergence of a collective expertise on socioeconomic emission scenarios, (submitted to Science and Technology Studies)

Li, J., Hamdi-Chérif, M., Cassen, Ch., Aligning domestic policies with international coordination in a post-Paris global climate regime : a case for China, (to be published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change)

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Waisman, H-D., Cassen, C., Hamdi-Cherif, M., Hourcade, JC Sustainability, Globalization, and the Energy Sector Europe in a Global Perspective, The Journal of Environment & Development March 2014 23 : 101-132

Book chapters

Cassen, C., Gracceva, F., "Energy Security in Low-Carbon Pathways", in Grüning M., Lombardi, P. (eds), Low Carbon Energy Security From a European Perspective, Elseiver, 2016 (to be published)

Guivarch,C., Rozenberg, J., Cassen, C. and Hourcade J. C., Energy, Environment and
Sustainable Globalisation in John Eatwell and Terry Mc Kinley (ed.) Challenges for Europe in the world, 2030, Sage Publications , London, 2014

Working papers and expertise

- Hourcade JC.,Crassous R., Cassen C., Dorin B.,A Novel Hybrid Architecture for Agriculture and Land Use in an Integrated Modeling Framework, EUFP6 Matisse Project

- Hourcade JC. , Crassous R., Cassen C., Saglio A., Thery D. , Gitz V. , Pereira A., Working Paper : Biofuels and the Environment-Development Gordian Knot : Insights on the Brazilian, EUFP6 Matisse project

- Rozenberg J., Guivarch C., Cassen C., Hourcade J-C., 2010, Delivrable D5.1 Augur EUFP7 project The IMACLIM-R model, a modelling framework to simulate sustainable development pathways.

- Rozenberg J., Cassen C., Hourcade J-C., 2011 Delivrable D5.2 Augur EUFP7 project, Main challenges for the role of Europe in global governance on energy and environmental issues; The role of Europe in climate negotiations (1992-2010)

- Waisman H., Cassen C., Hourcade J-C, Sustainability, globalization and the energy sector: A case study on Europe, Globis EUFP7 project, october 2011

- Cassen C., Hamdi Cherif M., Hourcade J-C., 2013 "Multidimensional Impact of the Low carbon European Strategy on Energy Security, and Socio- Economic Dimension up to 2050 perspective" EUFP7 Milesecure project, Deliverable 1.2 110p,

- Cassen C., Hamdi Cherif M., Hourcade J-C., 2016, Report on policy implications of the integrated analysis and on the numerical information, EUFP7 Milesecure project, Deliverable 4.3 -> http://www.milesecure2050.eu/en/public-deliverables]

Other Publications

Cassen, C., 2015, Theme 3: Make Low Carbon and resilient investments: A leverage to renovate economy in crisis, Special Issue,Transition and global challenges towards low carbon societies, EAI, ENEA journal

Hourcade, J-C, Cassen, C., 2015, A monetary plan for upgrading climate finance and support the low carbon transition, Special Issue, Transition and global challenges towards low carbon societies, EAI, ENEA journal

Cassen, C., Retour sur les négociations climat : vers une sortie de la dépendance au sentier du régime climatique actuel ?,Petits Cahiers de la chaire, n°12, Février 2012

Cassen C., Contribution aux repères du développement durables (Energie: quel modèle pour demain?), Regards sur la Terre, 2010


Cassen C., Prospective énergétique et scénarios facteur 4 : 2020-2050, atelier n°4 du Plan Climat Nord Pas de Calais, mai 2009 lien vers la présentation

Hourcade JC., Cassen C., Development pathways towards tight carbon constraints, Low Carbon Society side Event, Copenhagen conference, december 2009 lien vers la présentation

Cassen C.,Hourcade JC., Imaclim : an hybrid model , IAMC, Tsukuba, Japan September 2009

Cassen C., Combet E., Fiscalité carbone et transport en Europe, atelier
« Transport et fiscalité carbone : quels enjeux ? quel rôle pour l’Europe ? »
Chaire développement durable de Sciences Po / SNCF Mardi 6 juillet 2010

Cassen C., Waisman H., Hourcade JC., Energy transitions and the crisis of economic globalization,Special session on Globalization and Transitions, IST conference , Lund University, June 2011

Cassen C., Waisman H., Hourcade JC., Sustainable Energy transitions and the Economic Globalization, Sustainability Boundaries and the Great Transition Session, Planet Under Pressure conference, London, 03/29/2012

Cassen C., Waisman H., Hamdi-Cherif M., Hourcade JC., Sustainability, Globalization and the Energy sector A European perspective, EUFP7 Globis Workshop Globalization, Natural Resource Constraints and the different Scales of Sustainable Pathways

Cassen C., Cointe, B., The Community of Integrating Assessment Modelling: overview, structuring and interactions with the IPCC expertise, ICPP conference, Milan
July 3rd 2015

Cassen C., Hourcade, J-C., Perrissin Fabert, B., Shukla,P.R. 2015 Climate policy architecture following the Cancun paradigm shift: Building on the lessons from history, poster presentation, Our common Future Conference, Paris 10th July

Cassen C., Hamdi-Cherif,M., Cotella, G., Toniolo, J., 2015 Energy Security Scenarios for Europe by 2050-Assessing the impacts of societal processes in a low carbon context, AESOP conference, Prague, 15th July

Cassen C., Hamdi-Cherif,M., Cotella, G., Toniolo, J., 2016 Energy Security Scenarios for Europe by 2050-Assessing the impacts of societal processes in a low carbon context, SBE16 conference, Turino, 16th February

Cassen, C., Climate negotiation from Rio to Paris, Conference ESCOT, 12/05/2016

Cassen, C., Hourcade, J-C, The emergence of new types of policy instruments in the international climate regime: toward the end of some path dependencies?
14th congress of the French Association of Political Science, 11 july 2017