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Working Papers de la Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei

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Bibas R., Méjean A. (2012) Bioenergy and CO2 Sequestration : Climate Policies Beyond Technological Constraints, Working Papers - Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Working Paper 2012.88

Espagne E., Perrissin Fabert B., Pottier A., Nadaud F., Dumas P. (2012) Disentangling the Stern/Nordhaus Controversy : Beyond the Discounting Clash, FEEM Working Paper.

Groth A., Ghil M., Hallegatte S., Dumas P. (2012) The Role of Oscillatory Modes in U.S. Business Cycles, FEEM Working Paper, 2012.026.

Perrissin Fabert B., Dumas P., Hourcade J.-C. (2012) What Social Cost of Carbon ? A Mapping of the Climate Debate, FEEM Working Paper, (2012.034).

Perrissin Fabert B., Espagne E., Pottier A., Dumas P. (2012) The "Doomsday" Effect in Climate Policies : Why is the Present Decade so Crucial to Tackling the Climate Challenge ?, FEEM Working Paper, (2012.062).

Lecuyer O., Bibas R. (2011) Combining climate and energy policies : synergies or antagonisms ?, FEEM Working Paper, p 2011.2098.