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Publications de J.-C. Hourcade depuis 2006

publié le

- Karsten Neuhoff, Sam Fankhauser, Emmanuel Guerin, Jean Charles Hourcade, Helen Jackson,Ranjita Rajan & John Ward, : Structuring International Financial Support to Support Domestic Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries, final report, Climate Strategies special issue, 17 Sep 2009.

- Jean-Charles Hourcade, Philippe Ambrosi, Patrice Dumas, Beyond the Stern Review : Lessons from a risky venture at the limits of the cost-benefit analysis, Ecological Economics, Volume 68, Issue 10, 15 August 2009, Pages 2479-2484, ISSN 0921-8009, DOI : 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2009.04.011.

- Jean-Charles Hourcade : Dénouer le nœud gordien climat-développement ? Constructif N°23 - Juillet 2009 : Changement climatique et développement durable.

- Hourcade J.-C., Shukla P.-R., Mathy S., “Untying the Climate – Development Gordian Knot : Economic options in a politically constrained world”. In : the Design of Climate Policy, MIT Press, January 2009, 408 pp.

- Jean-Charles Hourcade and Renaud Crassous, "Low-carbon societies : a challenging transition for an attractive future", Climate Policy 8 (2008) 607–612.

- Hourcade Jean-Charles, Crassous Renaud, Cassen Christophe, Saglio Antoine, Thery Daniel, Gitz Vincent, Pereira André : "Biofuels and the Environment-Development Gordian Knot : Insights on the Brazilian Exception", Matisse Working Papers 29, 2008.

- Hourcade J.C., Crassous R., Cassen C., Dorin B., “A Novel Hybrid Architecture for Agriculture and Land Use in an Integrated Modeling Framework”, Matisse Working Papers 27, Project N° 004059 (GOCE) of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union., May, 2008, 30 p.

- HOURCADE J.-C, Enjeux géopolitiques du développement durable, Etudes, Février 2008, N° 408/2, pp. 175 – 186.

- Hourcade J.C,"Peut-on agir contre le changement climatique ?", Revue de la CFDT, mai-juin 2007.

- Hourcade Jean-Charles, Ambrosi Philippe, "Quelques leçons d’un essai à risque, l’évaluation des dommages climatiques par Sir Nicholas Stern" , Revue d’Économie Politique, 2007, n°4 : 533-546.

- Hourcade J.C, "Le développement durable : des alertes aux politiques", in Montel Dumont O. (dir.), Développement et environnement, Cahiers français, n° 337 mars avril 2007, La Documentation française.

- S. Hallegatte ; J.-C. Hourcade ; P. Dumas, "Why economic dynamics matter in assessing climate change damages : illustration on extreme events", Ecological Economics, volume 62, issue 2, 20 April 2007, pp. 330-340.

- Hallegatte S., Hourcade J.-C., Ambrosi P., “Using climate analogues for assessing climate change economic impacts”, Climatic Change, 23 p., 2007, publié en ligne, ISSN 0165-0009 (Print) 1573-1480.

- Ghersi F. & Hourcade J.-C., “Macroeconomic consistency issues in E3 modelling : the continued fable of the elephant and the rabbit”, The Energy Journal, Special Issue n°2, 2006, 27-49.

- Gitz V., Hourcade J-C. and Ciais P., “The timing of biological carbon sequestration and carbon abatement in the energy sector under optimal strategies against climate risks” , The Energy Journal, 27 (3), 2006, 113-133.

- Hallegatte S., Ghil, M., Dumas, P., Hourcade, J.C., “Business cycles, bifurcations and chaos in a neo-classical model with investment dynamics”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2007.05.001.

- Hourcade J.-C., Crassous (R.) & Sassi (O.), “Endogenous structural change and climate targets. Modelling experiments with Imaclim-R”, The Energy Journal, Special Issue n° 1, 2006, 259-276.

- Hourcade J.-C., Wiener (J-B), Stewart (R-B) & Hamitt (J-K), “Madison and climate change policy”, Science, 311, (344), 2006, 335-336.

- Hourcade J.-C., Jaccard (M.), Bataille (C.) & Ghersi (F.), “Hybrid Modeling : New Answers to Old Challenges”, The Energy Journal, Special Issue n°2, 2006, 1-11.