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Modeling for Sustainable Development (CMA/CIRED)

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Created by CMA and Cired, under the auspices of three engineering schools (Mines ParisTech, Ponts ParisTech and ENPC), and with the support of five institutions (EDF, Schneider Electric, Total, Renault, and ADEME), the chair "modeling for sustainable development" aims at exploring possible futures and the consequences of today’s choices.

The research project of the Chair Modeling for Sustainable Development is based on three axes to tackle the energy, environmental and economics constraints faced by industrials and policy makers in their strategic choices:

- Supporting the emergence of a perennial prospective platform for decision-making on the Economy-Resources-Climate interfaces;

- Strengthening the French presence in key areas of national and international expertise for sustainable development;

- Addressing the national shortage of a training "on and by" the prospective approach.

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