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The Summer School duration is 5 days (from Tuesday July 4th to Saturday July 8th) including 4 full days and a final morning session on Saturday. Activities include lectures and conferences, participants presentations, reading and interactive sessions and a group project exercise.

The first day opens with a welcoming and icebreaker session including the presentation of the Summer School program.

During the first 4 days, mornings mainly consist in lectures given by members of the faculty around daily topics :

  • Day 1 : Assessing NDCs and mid-century strategies : overview and modelling issues
  • Day 2 : Energy transformation pathways
  • Day 3 : Social and economic implications of low carbon pathways
  • Day 4 : Articulation between national and global scales

Lectures will be supplemented by a papers review session, a conference and an interactive session on days 2,3 and 4 respectively.

During afternoons, participants will present a version of their research work (20 minutes presentation / 20 minutes discussion) and will receive feedback from fellow students and faculty members.

A group project exercise will also be organised around the question of NDCs and mid-century strategies "monitoring" with a restitution during final morning.
Three other conferences and a closing session by experts in the field are also scheduled.

A social dinner will be organized on Day 2.

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