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Long run scenarios of transition pathways

Global scenarios scenarios produced by Imaclim asses international coordination regimes of reduction efforts and stabilization trajectories of GHG concentrations.

Imaclim-R computed 53 of the scenarios in the AR5 database, and 15 different journal articles based on Imaclim-R results are mentioned in the chapters of the AR5 report on mitigation. This presence of Imaclim-R in the AR5 stems from the participation to three modeling comparison projects - RECIPE, the EU-FP7 AMPERE project and the Stanford-led Energy Modelling Forum study 27 – as well as from specific studies on monetary compensations in climate policy or on the costs of climate policies in a second best world It also participates to the International research network IAMC (Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium) and to the elaboration of SSP scénarios (Share SocioEconomic Patways).

Contacts: hourcade@centre-cired.fr, guivarch@centre-cired.fr, Meriem Hamdi-Chérif Aurélie Méjean

Selected publications

A set of national versions of Imaclim have also been developed to assess the specific features of the low carbon transition in key countries.
-  Imaclim-France
-  Imaclim-Brazil
-  Imaclim-South Africa

Models under development:
- Imaclim-India
- Imaclim-China
- Imaclim-Russia
- Imaclim-Saoud Arabia
- Imaclim-Vietnam
- Réunion Island

Contacts: Frédéric Ghersi Julien Lefevre Meriem Hamdi-Chérif Jules Schers