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Competition for land use and evaluation of bioenergy potentials

This question was given a lot of media coverage because of the pressure of biofuels cultures on food markets. It needs a global modelling architecture, integrating both the evolution of energetic systems, physic constraints of agrosystems, economic signals such as relative prices of different goods produced by the soil and even climatic retroaction on potential yields and cultivable lands. Different parts of this architecture have been developed within Imaclim team or with team partners (LSCE, LMD) and are currently available to be articulated, in order to start an integrated phase of study and simulation.NLU is currently involved in evaluation of bioenergy potentials to comply with stringent emissions scenarios within the EMF33 session coordinated by Stanford.

This thematic research had received support from the GIS Climat Ile-de-France (DECLIC project) and ANR (Autrement Project) and the French Council of Energy.

Contacts: Patrice Dumas, Thierry Brunelle, Remi Prudomme

contacts Agrimonde CIRED Montpellier: dorin@cirad.fr, lecotty@cirad.fr