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Selected Publication

by Arancha Sánchez - published on


Waisman H., Guivarch C., Grazi F. and Jean Charles Hourcade The Imaclim-R model : infrastructures, technical inertia and the costs of low carbon futures under imperfect foresight, Climatic Change, 2012 View online first

Building SSPs for Climate Policy Analysis: A Scenario Elicitation Methodology to Map the Space of Possible Future Challenges to Mitigation and Adaptation, Julie Rozenberg, Céline Guivarch, Robert Lempert, Stéphane Hallegatte, FEEM working paper 2012.052

Kriegler E.,C. O’Neill B., Hallegatte S., Kram T., Moss R.H , Lempert R., Wilbanks T.J , Socio-economic Scenario Development for Climate Change Analysis, CIRED Working Paper, DT/WP No 2010-23 Download the WP

Hourcade J.C, La Rovere E., Shukla P.R., Kejun J., Proposal for the Next Vintage of Long Run Scenarios in a Changing Scientific and Policy Context , in Towards new scenarios for Analysis of Emissions, Climate Change, Impacts and Response Strategies, IPCC Report Experts, 2007, 124p, Noordwijkerhout, link pp 108-115

Recipe (reports on energy and climate policy in Europe) Project, The economics of decarbonization, 2009, PIK (coord), CIRED, CMCC, EPRG, 96p
Download the report

Crassous, R., Hourcade, J.-C., Sassi, O., 2006, Endogenous structural change and climate targets : modeling experiments with Imaclim-R, Energy Journal, Special Issue on the Innovation Modeling Comparison Project Download the article