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by Arancha Sánchez - published on , updated on

Contact: Gaëlle Le Treut

The collaboration with Argentina has arisen with the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project for Latin America & the Caribbean (DDPP-LAC). This two-year project has been initiated by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in the beginning of 2018.

Before being extended to the construction of decarbonized scenarios, it initially aimed to build new modeling capacity through close collaboration between teams from different countries that ensure a transfer of an existing model from a team to another. Foundation Bariloche-CIRED constitutes one of the 5 pair working group of the project.

It is within this context that the development of IMACLIM-ARG has been launched and that Bariloche Foundation joined the IMACLIM Network.

The IMACLIM-ARG should be released within the year 2019 to provide insights on macroeconomic impacts under carbon policy constraints.

Particularly, the DDP project also aims to enable the development of long term (2050) low emissions development strategies, and, to initiate and facilitate exchange of knowledge between researchers and decision makers in local countries.

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BID with the support of IDDRI, de la plateforme 2050 Pathways and Agence française de développement.