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GIRAUDET Louis-Gaëtan

Chercheur au Cired

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Tel: +33 (0)1 43 94 73 62

Current position

Research Fellow, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech


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Research Interests

Environmental and Resource Economics

Energy-Economy Modeling

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Current Research

Giraudet, L.-G., A. Missemer, 2019. The Economics of Energy Efficiency, a Historical Perspective | HAL

Giraudet, L.-G., A. Petronevich, L. Faucheux, 2019. How do lenders price energy efficiency? Evidence from posted interest rates for unsecured credit in France | Banque de France Working Paper | 2018 HAL version

Broin, E.Ó., Ewald, J., Nadaud, F., Mata, É., Hennlock, M., Giraudet, L.-G., Sterner, T., 2018. An ex post evaluation of energy-efficiency policies across the European Union | HAL

Giraudet, L.-G., Guivarch, C., 2018. Asymmetric impacts and over-provision of public goods | HAL

Giraudet, L.-G., C. Bourgeois, P. Quirion, 2018. Long-term efficiency and distributional impacts of energy saving policies in the French residential sector | HAL

Giraudet, L.-G., 2018. Energy efficiency as a credence good : A review of informational barriers to building energy savings | FAERE Working Paper 2018.07

Giraudet, L.-G., C. Guivarch, 2016. Global warming as an asymmetric public bad | FAERE Working Paper 2016.26


Glotin, D., C. Bourgeois, L.-G. Giraudet, P. Quirion, 2019. Prediction is difficult, even when it’s about the past: a hindcast experiment using Res-IRF, an integrated energy-economy model. Energy Economics, in press | FAERE Working Paper 2019.03

Bourgeois, C., L.-G. Giraudet, P. Quirion, 2019. Social-environmental-economic trade-offs associated with carbon-tax revenue recycling. Proceedings of the ECEEE 2019 Summer Study pp.1365-1372 | HAL

Giraudet, L.-G., S. Houde, J. Maher, 2018. Moral hazard and the energy efficiency gap: Theory and evidence, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 5(4):755-790 | Pre-print |Online Appendix| E2e working paper (2014) | IAEE newsletter (2013)

Nauleau, M.-L., L.-G. Giraudet, P. Quirion, 2015. Energy efficiency subsidies with price-quality discrimination, Energy Economics, 52(S1):S53-S62 | FAERE working paper (2nd draft) | FEEM working paper (1st draft).

Branger, F., L.-G. Giraudet, C. Guivarch, P. Quirion, 2015. Global sensitivity analysis of an energy-economy model of the residential building sector, Environmental Modelling & Software, 70:45-54 | FAERE working paper.

Giraudet, L.-G., D. Finon, 2015. European experiences with white certificate obligations: A critical review of existing evaluations, Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 4(1):113-130 | Pre-print | CIRED working paper (2011) | FEEM working paper (2010).

Rohde, C., J. Rosenow, N. Eyre, L.-G. Giraudet, 2015. Energy Saving Obligations: Cutting the Gordian Knot of leverage?, Energy Efficiency, 8(1):129-140 | Télécharger

Giraudet, L.-G., C. Guivarch, P. Quirion, 2012. Exploring the potential for energy conservation in French households through hybrid modelling, Energy Economics, 34(2):426-445

Giraudet, L.-G., L. Bodineau, D. Finon, 2012. The costs and benefits of white certificates schemes, Energy Efficiency, 5(2):179-199

Giraudet, L.-G., C. Guivarch, P. Quirion, 2011. Comparing and combining energy saving policies: will proposed residential sector policies meet French official targets?, The Energy Journal, 32(SI1):213-242

Giraudet, Louis-Gaëtan, Quirion Philippe, 2008. Efficiency and distributional impacts of tradable white certificates compared to taxes, subsidies and regulations, Revue d’économie politique, 119(6): 885-914

Working papers

Giraudet, L.-G., D. Finon, 2011, White certificates schemes: the static and dynamic efficiency of an adaptive policy instrument, CIRED Working Paper No 33-2011

Giraudet, L.-G., D. Finon, 2010, On the road to a unified market for energy efficiency: the contribution of white certificates schemes, FEEM nota di lavoro n°132.2010