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Research interests

Development of a methodology to foster the dialogue between economists, engineers and geographers on foresight integrating relationships between energy, land use and development.

Research activities

- Spatial foresight at regional scale
- Development of a regional version of the IMACLIM model for the Reunion Island
- Introduction of spatial dynamics into the Reunion IMACLIM model

PhD Thesis

"Regional development and energy constraint : the economic foresight to the test of geography" - Application to the Reunion Island

Thesis in progress at CIRED, under the direction of Jean-Charles Hourcade.

My thesis aims to assess the possible development paths of Reunion Island.

Particular attention will be given to space and its organization : a critical resource for the orientation of economic development, energy system and CO2 emission levels.

Conference presentations

Presentation of the work carried out during the project VAETII (Towards Energy Autonomy of Isolated and Insular Territories) at the 8th symposium of the Interdisciplinary Energy Program 2010-2013 (March 2011, Montpellier).

Research reports

Contribution to the final report of the VAETII project (Towards Energy Autonomy of Isolated and Insular Territories) coordinated by Sandrine Mathy (April 2012).