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An empirical analysis of the interactions between transportation prices and housing markets

Urban transportation costs influence households decisions in the housing market : rent levels and consumers’ location choices are at least partly determined by accessibility. Local effects are (...)

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Behaviors and housing inertia are key factors in determining the consequences of a shock in transportation costs

This paper investigates the consequences of a sudden increase in transportation costs when households behaviors and buildings inertia are accounted for. A theoretical framework is proposed, (...)

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Compact or spread-out cities : urban planning, taxation, and the vulnerability to transportation shocks

This paper shows that cities made more compact by transportation taxation are more robust than spread-out cities to shocks in transportation costs. Such a shock, indeed, entails negative (...)

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Time and space matter : how urban transitions create inequality

To analyze the response of cities to urban policies or transportation shocks, describing a succession of stationary states is not enough, and urban dynamics should be taken into account. To do (...)

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