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- Tel. + (33) 1 43 94 73 78
- Mail : toussaint[at]centre-cired.fr
- CIRED, 45 bis avenue de la Belle Gabrielle
94736 Nogent sur Marne Cedex


- Coordination with research and professional urban networks and strategic monitoring of urban development and climate policies

- Coordination of a collaborative research projet “DRAGON” with research teams from Wuppertal Institute, University of East Anglia, University of Leeds, Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Technology leading urban climate policies analysis in European and Chinese cities.

Research themes

- Urban Spatial Structures and sustainable city planning : analysis of urban and economic development policies for social inclusion and spatial development
- Economic development policies and governance issues in City mega regions
- Climate change adaptation and urban development policies

Other functions

- Adjunct General Secretary of AdP - Villes en développement, follow up with the World Urban Campaign, coordination with institutional stakeholders, and urban professional organisations
- Adjunct responsible of Expert group - Association Franco-Chinoise du Développement Urbain Durable (AFCDUD) : coordination and animation of monthly seminars gathering Chinese and French researchers and professionals on sustainable urban development issues

Consulting and Expertise work

- 2017 Coordination of a multi-stakeholder consulting project (CDC, Grand Paris Aménagement, EPFIF, Atelier de Cergy) on the role of economic zones in territorial development : future economic, urban, and employment dynamics
- 2014-2015 Consulting for UNDP-GEF to support the Small Grants Program’s reevaluation of projects monitoring and evaluation frameworks
- 2014 Participation in the Matanza Riachuelo clean-up Observatory project, consulting for AySA on its “role in the supply of basic services and land use planning in informal settlements in Buenos Aires, Argentina”
- 2013 Consulting for Slum Dwellers International on land tenure and housing development policies in informal settlements in Bolivia