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Tel : (+33) 1 43 94 73 65
Campus du Jardin Tropical
45 bis, av. de la Belle Gabrielle
94736 Nogent sur Marne CEDEX

Research Profile

Eoin Ó Broin is undertaking a postdoc at CIRED under Dr Céline Guivarch on the incorporation of physical transport infrastructure (roads, railways, airports) in Integrated Assessment Modelling. This is part of the EU funded project ADVANCE (http://www.fp7-advance.eu/). Previous to this his research involved using top-down (econometric) and bottom up (simulation) modelling of energy demand in the European building stock to make scenarios for energy demand to 2050. This was carried out for his PhD at the Dept. of Energy and Environment at Chalmers in Sweden. He has an M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology from Chalmers and a B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Limerick and has also undertaken internships at the UN ECE Committee on Housing and Land Management and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva, Switzerland.

Peer Reviewed Publications

- G. Marangoni, M. Tavoni, V. Bosetti, E. Borgonovo, P. Capros, O. Fricko, D. E. H. J. Gernaat, C. Guivarch, P. Havlik, D. Huppmann, N. Johnson, P. Karkatsoulis, I. Keppo, V. Krey, E. Ó Broin, J. Price & D. P. van Vuuren (2017). Sensitivity of projected long-term CO2 emissions across the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways. Nature Climate Change 7, 113–117.

- Ó Broin, E,· Guivarch, C (2016).Transport infrastructure costs in low-carbon pathways. Transportation Research Part D : Transport and Environment. In Press.

- Edelenbosch, O.Y., D.L. McCollum, D.P. van Vuuren, C. Bertram, S. Carrara, H. Daly, S. Fujimori, A. Kitous, P. Kyle, E. Ó Broin, P. Karkatsoulis, F. Sano (2016). Decomposing passenger transport futures : Comparing results of global integrated assessment models. Transportation Research Part D : Transport and Environment. In Press.

- Ó Broin, E., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F., (2015). Energy efficiency policies for space heating in EU countries : A panel data analysis for the period 1990-2010. Applied Energy 150 : 211-23.

- Ó Broin E., Nässén, J., Johnsson F., (2015). The influence of price and non-price effects on demand for heating in the EU residential sector. Energy 81 : 146-58.

- Ó Broin E, Mata E, Nässén J, Johnsson F., (2015). Quantification of the Energy Efficiency Gap in the Swedish Residential Sector. Energy Efficiency 8.

- Ó Broin, E., Mata, A., Göransson, A., & Johnsson, F., (2013). The effect of improved efficiency on energy savings in EU-27 buildings. Energy 57:134 - 48.

Conference Presentations

- Ó Broin, E., Guivarch,C., (2016). Modelling the role of Transport Infrastructure in a low-carbon World. International Energy Workshop, Cork, Ireland.

- Ó Broin, E., Guivarch,C., (2016). Exploring the role of Transport Infrastructure in a low-carbon World. 4th International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues (ISEFI-2016), Paris, France.

- Ó Broin, E., Guivarch,C., (2015). Adding the costs of Infrastructure for Transport in IMACLIM-R. Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium. Potsdam, Germany.

- Ó Broin, E., Mata, A., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F., (2015). Quantifying the Energy Efficiency Gap. Our Common Future under Climate Change Conference, Paris, France.

- Ó Broin, E., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F. (2013). Enhanced EU policies required for passive house standard by 2050. Passivhusnorden (Scandanavian Passive House Conference), Gothenburg, Sweden.

- Ó Broin, E., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F. (2013). Energy Demand Scenarios for Heating in the EU Residential Sector. International Energy Workshop, Paris, France.

- Ó Broin, E., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F., (2012). The role of energy pricing in achieving the EU 2020 energy savings goal in the Residential Sector. International Association of Energy Economists European Conference, Venice, Italy.

- Ó Broin, E., Göransson, A., Mata, E., Johnsson, F., (2012). Modelling Energy demand to 2050 in the EU Building Stock - a bottom-up analysis. World Sustainable Energy Days Next ! Young Researchers Meeting, Linz, Austria.

- Ó Broin, E., Göransson, A., Mata, E., Johnsson, F., (2012). The role of improved efficiency for energy savings in EU 27 buildings. SDEWES (Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems) Conference, Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.

- Ó Broin, E., Mata, E., Nässén, J., Johnsson, F., (2011). Quantifying the Energy Efficiency Gap for Space and Water heating in the Residential Sector in Sweden. ECEEE 2011 Summer Study, Belambra Presqu’Île de Giens, France.

- Ó Broin, E., Göransson, A., & Johnsson, F., (2008). A disaggregation of the technical and non technical parameters effecting final energy consumption in the EU residential sector between 1990 and 2004. AGS Annual Meeting, Boston, USA.

Academic Thesis

- Ó Broin, E. (2016), PhD Thesis, Modelling drivers of energy demand in the European Union building sector.

- Ó Broin, E. (2012), Licentiate Thesis, Modelling energy demand in the buildings sector within the EU.

- Ó Broin, E. (2007), Master Thesis, Energy Demands of European Buildings : A Mapping of Available Data, Indicators and Models

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