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Research Scholar at IIASA — formerly with CIRED

jeudi 6 septembre 2018, par Arancha Sánchez

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Tel : +43 2236 807 631
E-mails : IIASA
Web : IIASA, Google Scholar, ORCID, GitHub

Research Interests

- Climate change and climate change scenarios.

- Carbon-cycle with focus on land carbon-cycle and land-use change.

- Earth system : theoretical study and modelling of drivers, processes and feedbacks of the Earth system, including its human component.

- Attribution & causality : with the aim of attributing human-induced climate change to e.g. countries, economic sectors, physical processes, etc.

Model Development

- OSCAR, a compact Earth system model.

Peer-reviewed Publications

- [30] Gasser, T., L. Crepin, Y. Quilcaille, R. A. Houghton, P. Ciais & M. Obersteiner. "Historical CO2 emissions from land-use and land-cover change and their uncertainty." Biogeosciences 17 : 4075-4101 (2020). doi:10.5194/bg-2020-33

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PhD Thesis

- Gasser, T., "Attribution régionalisée des causes anthropiques du changement climatique." Université Pierre et Marie Curie (2014). pdf (in French)

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