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Post-doc position at CIRED on the assessment of land-based mitigation measures (18 months)

par Estelle Carciofi - publié le

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Context :
The post-doc is part of the CLAND Institute of Convergence project (www.cland.lsce.ipsl.fr). CLAND is funded by the French national research agency for ten years gathers the efforts of more than 100 researchers in the Paris Saclay area from key institutions in the field of climate change impacts, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental impacts and land use socio-economics. The scientific challenge tackled by CLAND is to integrate research in modeling climate change, food and fiber production, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem functioning and land-use socio-economics, together with data syntheses to understand key feedbacks and assess risks and sustainable options for integrated management of land ecosystems. CLAND spans the full range of disciplines necessary to make breakthroughs in the integrated assessment of the interplay between climate change and land use and management.

Job description :
The job holder will review and analyze the land-based mitigation measures (LMM) existing in global and regional climate scenarios (IPCC SSP-RCP, IPBES, OECD Representative Agricultural Pathways and Afterres 2050), such as bioenergy with carbon capture and sequestration and reforestation or afforestation. He/she will identify and classify the underlying assumptions according to the methodology used in the foresight studies. He/she will substantiate the analysis by diving into the mechanic of the Integrated Assessment Model IMACLIM-NLU to produce consistent land-based mitigation scenarios. In particular, he/she will improve the model by including additional data and better representing key feedback loops. Finally, he/she will confront the results from IMACLIM-NLU to a panel of experts from both academic and non-academic fields.
This work will contribute to the on-going international efforts to characterize and test land-based climate mitigation in global scenarios.

Responsibilities and tasks :
Review and analyze LMM considered in the existing global or regional climate scenarios
Dive into the modelling mechanism of the IMACLIM-NLU model
Add data to IMACLIM-NLU and improve the representation of feedback loops
Confront the results from IMACLIM-NLU to a panel of experts

Required education, experience and skills :
Applicants should hold a master degree or PhD in economics or social science and have experience in one or several of the following subjects : mitigation scenarios, agricultural and LULUCF practices, economic and biophysical modelling.
Furthermore, applicants should have :
- strong knowledge in programming language (scilab, python)
- a proven ability to work in a team and network with a range of scientists

Location :
Jardin Tropical de Paris in Nogent-sur-Marne (http://www.centre-cired.fr/index.php/fr/contact/), with regular visits to different teams of the Cland project (http://cland.lsce.ipsl.fr) for collaboration, seminars and conferences.

Collaborations :
Dr. T. Brunelle, C. Guivarch, B. Guenet, P. CIais, B. Gabrielle, J.-F. Soussana, D. Makowski and Tamara Ben Ari in Cland.

Contract duration :
Fixed-term period of 18 months.

How to apply :
Applicants should submit a complete application package by email to Thierry Brunelle (thierry.brunelle@cirad.fr) and should include (1) a curriculum vitae including most important recent publications, (2) statement of motivation (see above) and (3) names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of at least two references.

The position is available from 01/09/2018 and will remain open until filled with review of applications and interviews. Salary follows national directives including full social and health benefits, and is adjusted for work experience.