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par Arancha Sánchez - publié le

Master internship proposal : individual income responsibility for GHG emissions


The question of measuring impacts of countries on climate change has long been debated. Discarding slight methodological subtelties, there are mainly two point of views for assess- ing the impacts of countries on climate change (Peters, 2008) :

  • the production approach, where emissions are registered for the territory where they occured. This is the approach taken by UNFCCC inventories.
  • the consumption approach, where emissions generated by the production of a good are registered for the territory where the good has been finally consumed.

Both methods have their pros and cons, but the opposition between them should not be overestimated. Fundamentally, they answer different questions : how much is emitted for national production ? how much is emitted to produce national final demand ?

The purpose of the internship will be to implement a third method, that allocate emis- sions to territories according to emissions enabled by the provision of factors of production by the territory (Marques et al., 2012). This method seeks to answer this question : how much is emitted to generate income ?

The method will be implemented in the case of France, and will assessed the emis- sions necessary to generate several components of national income. It will require the manipulation of large databases, data harmonization and computation.

Research outline

The internship aims at studying the alternative representation of income responsibility. Work during the internship will mainly consist in two related components :

  • an assessment of income responsibility for France
  • a disaggregation of income responsibility at the individual level Skills

Ongoing M2 in economics, quantitative sociology, statistics or related field, knowledge of national statistical databases will be an asset.


The internship will be funded by the Chaire Énergie et Prosperité.
If you are interested by the internship, please send your CV and a cover letter to Antonin Pottier.


Marques, Alexandra, João Rodrigues, Manfred Lenzen, and Tiago Domingos (2012, December) — Income-based environmental responsibility, Ecological Economics 84, pp. 57–65.
Peters, Glen P. (2008, March) — From production-based to consumption-based national emission inventories, Ecological Economics 65(1), pp. 13–23.