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par Arancha Sánchez - publié le

Research scientist on the assessment of large-scale bioenergy scenarios as part of the CLAND Convergence Institute


The CLAND Institute of Convergence project funded by the French national research agency for ten years gathers the efforts of more than 100 researchers in the Paris Saclay area from key institutions in the field of climate change impacts, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental impacts and land use socio-economics. The scientific challenge tackled by CLAND is to integrate research in modeling climate change, food and fiber production, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem functioning and land-use socio- economics, together with data syntheses to understand key feedbacks and assess risks and sustainable options for integrated management of land ecosystems. CLAND spans the full range of disciplines necessary to make breakthroughs in the integrated assessment of the interplay between climate change and land use and management.

Job description

The job holder will assess the feasibility of scenarios of large-scale bioenergy development at global scale by combining economic and biophysical dimensions. To do so, he/she will have to carry out a statistical analysis of the costs and yields of different biomass feedstocks using existing datasets and models (e.g., variation across species and global regions, comparisons with other existing database). Then, he/she will combine these data to build a simple bioeconomic model of lignocellulosic bioenergy development at global scale.

This work will contribute to the on-going international efforts to characterize and test land- based climate mitigation in global scenarios.

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