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Report: Evaluation prospective des politiques de réduction de la demande d’énergie pour le chauffage résidentiel

by Arancha Sánchez - published on


CIRED is publishing a report assessing the long-term impact of energy efficiency policies in the French residential sector. The three-year project was funded by the French Energy Management Agency (Ademe), the French Ministry of the Environment (CGDD) and the French association of energy efficiency businesses (ATEE). It involved Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet, Cyril Bourgeois, Philippe Quirion and David Glotin. Considering a broad policy portfolio that includes tax credits for energy retrofits, the carbon tax, zero-interest green loans, white certificates, VAT cuts and the forthcoming building code, the study shows that meeting governmental targets requires public subsidies be extended to rented dwellings. To cope with budget constraints, restricting subsidies to low-income households, who tend to live in the least energy-efficient dwellings, is an effective way to reconcile economic efficiency and social equity.

Download the report (French version).