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PhD Defense Igor Shishlov

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On October 15, Igor Shishlov successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Essays on the economics of climate policy monitoring". The defense jury included Jean-Michel Salles (CNRS, président), Jonathan Wiener (Duke University, rapporteur), Axel Michaelowa (University of Zurich, examinateur), Jean-Jacques Becker (French Ministry of Sustainable Development, examinateur invité), Valentin Bellassen (INRA, PhD co-director) et Franck Lecocq (CIRED, PhD Director). The thesis has been conducted in partnership between the I4CE association (formerly CDC Climat) and CIRED.


Payments for environmental services such as climate change mitigation have been quickly developing over the past decades. With this development comes the necessity to monitor the level of services provided by the stakeholders who receive the incentive. The experience with existing carbon pricing and management mechanisms demonstrates that different methods of monitoring with regards to their cost and the level of precision can be applied, which affects both environmental and economic efficiency of climate policy. The economics of greenhouse gas monitoring has not received sufficient attention from the researchers and the literature remains evasive – a gap that this dissertation aims to bridge. The goal of this research is therefore to evaluate the existing monitoring methods from environmental and economic points of view – particularly the balance between the cost and precision – and to provide policymakers with recommendations regarding monitoring rules in climate policy.