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20 March 2018

Seminar CIRED : Christophe CASSEN (CIRED)

"Organising policy-relevant knowledge for climate action: Integrated Assessment Modelling, the IPCC, and the emergence of a collective expertise on socioeconomic emission scenarios" (with Béatrice Cointe and Alain Nadaï)

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16 March 2018

Reducing the Fault Lines of the European Economy through the Low Carbon Transition

CIRED, IASS, GCF, Paris, Potsdam, Berlin, 2018

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13 February 2018

Cired Seminar: Antoine Mandel (Paris 1, PSE)

"A climate stress-test of the financial system"

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6 February 2018

After COP 21: Temperature Goal and Decarbonization Pathways : science and policy

’Changement Climatique et Biosphère: Expertises, Futurs et Politiques’ Centre Alexandre Koyré Seminar

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26 January 2018

New article: Impacts of nationally determined contributions on 2030 global greenhouse gas emissions: uncertainty analysis and distribution of emissions

Hélène Benveniste, Olivier Boucher, Céline Guivarch, Hervé Le Treut, and Patrick Criqui

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